Hot Food

Grilled Chicken
5.200 OMR
Grilled Chicken served with your Choice of Side (White Rice, Mashed Potatoes, French Fries)
Grilled Shrimps
5.900 OMR
Served with lemon butter sauce
Lasagna Bolognese
4.990 OMR
Traditional lasagna with bolognese & bechamel sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.
Lentil du Puy Soup
2.440 OMR
French lentil “du Puy” soup served with toasted bread.
Mushroom Risotto
4.990 OMR
Pasta Alfredo
4.100 OMR
Chicken & mushroom creamy sauce topped with fresh chopped parsley.
Pasta Arrabiata
3.490 OMR
Tagliatelle pasta with Arrabbiata
Pasta Bolognaise
3.990 OMR
Homemade chunky meat sauce topped with parmesan cheese.
Rib Eye Steak
8.990 OMR
Grilled steak and french fries
Spinach Canelloni
3.990 OMR
Traditional French Onion Soup
2.840 OMR
Served with brown toasted bread and emmental cheese.
5.500 OMR
Grilled fresh tuna
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