Loaf, Baguette, Mini Bread

Assorted Baguette
0.740 OMR
We’re very proud to make our Assorted Baguette: Sesame, Grainex Brown, Sunflower, Olive, Canape, Nordic Baguette, etc.
Brioche Loaf
2.960 OMR
A french origin bread made with flour sugar salt, yeast and enriched by egg and butter
Cereal Loaf Bread
1.370 OMR
French Bakery Cereal Bread contains maize, millet, sesame, linseed, barley and oats. It’s healthy, slightly crunchy, and goes perfectly with mixed salads – tomato and mozzarella or ham and melon, for example. Accompany your meal with a glass of red wine such as a Bordeaux or...
Country Loaf Bread
1.370 OMR
This is our rich, brown Country Bread, made from a soft blend of natural yeast, rye flour, milled flour and Atlantic sea salt. It works well with red or white meat, and any robust lunch or supper dish. It’s particularly good when lightly toasted and served with charcuterie.
Diabetic Bread
1.370 OMR
A special bread intended primarily for diabetics. This dietetic product contains high dietary fibers, and no added sugar or fat. Rich of iron, folic acid, vitamins, zinc and calcium, our diabetic bread is recommandable to persons inclined to putting on weight.
German Loaf Bread
1.370 OMR
Our German Loaf is baked by hand according to old original German recipes. Our uniqueness is based on the use of natural rye sourdough, fresh yeast, selected grains and the careful choice of flours imported directly from Austria.
Kraft Corn Bread
1.370 OMR
This is Kraft Corn bread to savour, using precious cereals flour like (malt, wheat, rye, oat, sunflower), water, sea salt and natural yeast. Rich in both fibre and flavour, this loaf lends itself to many eating occasions. It’s great at breakfast with orange marmalade, or at...
Mini Bread Rolls
2.25 AED
All French Bakery's speciality breads are available as individual bread rolls. Try them when they’re freshly cooked and at their best. With all the wonderful flavours and textures of their larger cousins, these charming rolls are the perfect addition to any dinner party or...
Olive Bread
1.370 OMR
Conjure up the memory of the glorious sunshine of the South of France with French Bakery's superb Olive Bread. Crusty but light, and with an intense flavour of olive, scented with herbs and thyme, this is irresistible. Dip it in your best olive oil. Eat it with a summery tomato...
Rye Bread
1.370 OMR
If you like traditional, hearty, dark breads, you'll love our naturally Frech Bakery leavened European Style Sourdough Rye. This dense and hearty rye bread is authentically naturally leavened and made with 100% rye. It's perfect for breakfast or to make a sandwich with pastrami...
Surprise Bread
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An original, savoury treat to share, this is a French Bakery loaf, the top removed, the body of the loaf hollowed out, and the resulting ‘basket’ filled with little sandwiches. You can choose emmental cheese, turkey ham, salami, roast beef or tuna. Wonderful for a picnic or a...
Traditional Baguette
0.740 OMR
We’re very proud to make our Traditional Baguette in the old-fashioned and absolutely authentic way: just flour, natural yeast, Atlantic sea salt and water, and a long fermentation period. So simple, but so good.
Traditional Bread
1.370 OMR
Our wonderfully versatile, Everyday Loaf, made with Camp Rémy white flour, Atlantic sea salt and natural yeast, has a subtle after-taste of hazelnut. It goes well with any meal, but we suggest you try it toasted for breakfast, or to accompany smoked and salt-cured ham, salami or...
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