Quality Policy

Food Safety Policy

French Bakery HACCP

To ensure that all food supplied to our customers are produced hygienically to the highest standards of safety, unmatched quality, and dedicated services to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

To be able to reach this goal, the company will ensure that our staff is well trained on complying with the legislative requirements set by the local regulatory unit as well as other pertinent standard related to the Safety and Health Environment. The company is dedicated in purchasing good quality raw materials from approved supplier and handles food with utmost care.

In essence, at French Bakery, we firmly believe that Safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Management Policy

The management is dedicated towards introduction of training programs at all levels to improve the skills and techniques of all employees. French Bakery possess a highly dedicated management team who overlooks the principles set in order to provide the highest customer satisfaction in terms of food quality and safety.

The top management of French Bakery is committed to comply with the requirements of HACCP standards, and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through employee participation and regular reviews.

This Quality Policy is communicated by the management to all employees to create and enhance awareness and is reviewed periodically for it suitability and stability.

Alexandre Treffle - General Manager