Akawi Fatayer
0.430 OMR
Emmental and mozzarella cheese.
Caviar Canape
6.50 AED
Soft bread, assorted caviar, lemon, seasonal vegetable for deco.
Cheese Canape
5.25 AED
Soft bread, cream cheese, seasonal vegetable for dec.
Cheese Manakish
1.480 OMR
Cheese Mini Ball Bread Sandwich 1
6.50 AED
Mature cheddar, lettuce, mayonaise, tomato, navet.
Cheese Mini Ball Bread Sandwich 2
6.50 AED
Sesame ball bread, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonaise.
Chicken Canape
5.25 AED
Soft bread, chicken breast, mayo, seasonal vegetable for deco.
Chicken Fatayer
0.430 OMR
Chicken breast, onion and tomato.
Chicken Mini Ball Bread Sandwich
6.50 AED
Mini brown ball bread, roasted chicken, cucumber, tomato, mayonaise.
Feta Fatayer
0.430 OMR
Feta Cheese.
Flaky Cheese Roll Quiches
1.900 OMR
Emmental cheese & bechamel. Served with mixed salad.
Labnah Manakish
1.480 OMR
Labneh Fatayer
0.430 OMR
Labneh Cheese.
2.000 OMR
Served with mixed salad
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